Elbasan Arena

As a multi-purpose football stadium in Albania, the Elbasan Arena locates in Elbasan, Albania. In addition to significant sports event, it also be used as a place for large-scale concerts, allies and other activities. After completion of the construction work, Elbasan Arena has been taken as the home ground for for KF Elbasani since 1967. After reconstruction, the football stadium was completed on Oct. 8, 2014, with a capacity of 12, 800. From then on, the Elbasan Arena became the third-largest football stadium in Albania.

Elbasan Arena

More Details on the 2014 Reconstruction

Prior to host some significant matches at the Elbasan Arena, the Elbasan Arena has to be renovated. In 2004, it was reconstructed at a cost over €5.5 million. Many improvements have been made during this construction, such as floodlights, plastic seats, changing rooms and playing surface. Up to now, the highest recorded number of spectators is 12,800, providing a superb football field for many international and significant matches.

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