Loro Boriçi Stadium

I      Overview

Widely considered as a multi-purpose football stadiums in Albania, Loro Boriçi Stadium is a large pitch for many international matches, also home ground for Vllaznia. From 2015 to 2016, the football stadium was reconstructed to an all-seat stadium, which could accommodate 16,022 at most. Second to Stafa Stadium in Tirana, it is taken as the second-largest football field in Albania.

II    History

The original Loro Boriçi Stadium was built from May 17, 1950. After its inauguration on May 1, 1952, the football stadium was taken as a football field for the UEFA Euro 2004 qualifiers in 2004. The reconstruction of the Loro Boriçi Stadium in 2015 leaves the football stadium an increased capacity – 18,100 seats.

III   A Prospective Stadium for Kosovo National Football Team

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the football stadium is likely to be the Kosovo national football team for the renovation of their football stadium. The Prime Minister of Albania has also confirmed the information in a social media platform. Not only sports events, but also large-scale concerts could be held in the football stadium.

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