Selman Stërmasi Stadium

Selman Stërmasi Stadium locates in Tirana, Albania, with a capacity of 9,500. As a multi-purpose stadium, it is used for many football games and is taken as the home ground of KF Tirana, a football stadium in the capital city Tirana. For discrepancies in admittance charges, the football stadium is refused to be used by Dinamo (FK Dinamo Tirana) and Partizani after 2010. Same with many multi-purpose football stadium, it also could be used as a place for some large-scale concerts and allies. In the vicinity of the Lana stream and of former exhibition site “Shqiperia Sot”, it can provide many seats for a single competition at a same time. It was originally named as Dinamo Stadium before 1991, after the completion of construction work.

In 1991, the Football Association of Albania decided to replace the original name with the name of a famous Albanian football player, coach and president, Selman Stërmasi. After a long-term construction work, many infrastructure equipment are improved in the football stadium, including main pitch, seated area and facility. There are also many items likely to be improved in the future, e.g. sideway seated areas, shopping center under the central stand and press conference room.

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