Photography Spots in Hong Kong II

In the last post, I have referred to some photographic spots in bustling city. By contrast, I would like to introduce some tranquil cultural heritages like Chi Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Garden, Yuen Po Bird Garden, Golden Bauhinia Square, Man Mo Temple, etc.

Surrounded by skyscrapers, Chi Lin Nunnery is a haven of tranquillity, especially for people living in cities. Upon having stepped into such a complex, you will calm down in such a quiet, peaceful and tranquil vibe. The complex comprises wooden buildings and several halls, which complement each other behind the manicured gardens. Last but not the least, the complex is open to the public and is free to enter.

Just in front of the Chi Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Garden covers an area of 35,000 km2. It’s also an ideal place for photographers to get perfect shots. Only spending around one hour, you can stroll around the spot and find perfect angles to capture the most photogenic shots.

Apart from two above places, a typical Chinese Garden Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is a perfect place to discover exotic birds, which, in general, are fed in cages. Pet owns always confined birds in intricate bamboo cages and preen their pets in exchange for a song. As is often the case, bird owners often take them for a walk in the old-fashioned and tranquil garden. It’s also a way to show off their birds. Except for showing off their birds, owners could also chat with other folks and stroll around the market to pick out their purchase.

Another scenic spot Man Mo Temple sits on Hong Kong Island, also one of the most alluring temples in Hong Kong. All factors in the temple contribute peaceful, calm and tranquil vibe, such as red fringed lanterns, incense wafting through the air and old-fashioned light, etc.

Western District Public Cargo Working Area

Having appreciated many landscapes, I’m underwhelmed by the so-called “Instagram Pier”. To be honest, only a few stacks of wooden crates and ordinary containers are not worthy enough to be taken as features of the cargo working area. It’s no problem if you only take such a scene as the background of a new head shot.

Then turn to Lugard Road, which is definitely the best view of Victoria Harbour through the whole Hong Kong. From the viewpoint, the Victoria Harbour skyline is visible. No matter via bus, tram, taxi or walking, one could arrive at the top of the peak easily. The best time may be at night when you can have a panoramic view of the charming Victoria Harbour. All skyscrapers will be lighten at night, and even some of them will not be “out off” throughout the whole night.

In addition to above photographic spots, there is still a signature place for people to visit — a symbol of reunification and an emblem of Hong Kong. The ever blooming Golden Bauhinia attracts loads of Chines visitors every day.

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