Castle Bucket List: Stately Castles in Luxembourg

As we all know, Luxembourg is the seventh smallest country in Europe. In the middle ages, around 76 castles in the country have survived in some shapes and forms through centuries evolution. One could visit all these castles one by one or exploring each one for a few hours. Those destinations are also good choices of road trip.

Stately Ducal Palace

Across from the ever tasty Chocolate House, the grand Ducal Palace sits at the center of Luxembourg. As the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’s head of state, Grand Duke often resides in and performs most of his duties in the city. In addition to the grand facades of the castle, its interior is gorgeous, too. It’s a suitable palace to visit in July and August. Many guided tours also include the scenic spot into travel plans. One more noteworthy matter is sun protection during your trip. Besides lathering on sunscreen, physical sun-protection measures are also indispensable, such as wearing sunglasses, a crushable bucket hat, full-sleeve clothes, etc.

New Castle of Ansembourg

The New Castle of Ansembourg is home to seven castles, belonging to the Valley of the Seven Castles. It locates a short drive North of the city center, covering an area of 24km2. You’ll be spoilt for choices with castles like Ansemboug Castles, Mersch, Schoenfels, Hollenfels, Septfontaines and Koerich. In the first half of the 17th century, Castle D’Ansembourg was constructed but not opened to the public. In 1750, beautiful gardens were laid out, and it was a wonderful place to take photos. Surrounded by sculptures, stairs, fountains and mazes, the garden combined classical and modern factors together. It’s probable that you will be the one of a few people there. Put another way, it’s a great place to getting rid of crowded tourists, and you can enjoy the landscape at leisure. It’s also a great opportunity to show off your floaty dress and imagined you as a princess.

Chateaux de Walferdange

Since the construction of the Chateaux, it has been used for different purposes, such as a stud farm, royal residence, refuge and temporary barracks, etc. Under the cloudy sky, one could stroll around the old-fashioned and classical castle, appreciating cultural legacy of the land.

Bourscheid Castle

The Bourscheid Castle is the largest one among seven castles in the country, nestling on the top of a steep hill. It’s 150 meters high above the Sûre river in the North West of the country. If you hold a Luxembourg Card, you can step into the castle grounds for free. If you would like to take the above shot, you need to climb to a higher ground. Outside of the car park, it’s easy to find a woodland path to the viewpoint. You can also drive around the hill and find a caravan park to appreciate the landscape.

Above referred castles are only a part of scenic spots in Europe, the following part will also introduce other castles well worth visiting.