Photography Spots in Hong Kong

In general, I’m not agree with that travel is only for perfect photos. It’s also not the only reason to visit Hong Kong! If you would like to stay in Hong Kong for several days, you might as well choose some wonderful photographic sports in the city. The post is focused on the best photo spots in Hong Kong. I have taken photos in my favourite spots in each scenic spot.

In general, it will take several days to cover all these photographic gems on the self-guided photo tour. If you have no idea about how many days to stay in Hong Kong, you can take a look at the Hong Kong itinerary, which includes different schemes for short stays in Hong Kong. In case you only would like to stay in Hong Kong one day, there are many things you could do. Considering the temperamental weather of Hong Kong, it’s not a bad idea to spend one day on photo taking.

All these locations are suitable for day-time, night-time and sunset spots. I have visited many photo spots in one day, but it is something exhausting. So I don’t suggest anyone else to join me in such itineraries. But much support to you in the event that you would like to!

Lok Wah South Estate

The spot on the top of the list is also the hardest to get to. In fact, I am not recommend you to the spot unless you aspire to the spot too much. Following my directions of the exhausting trip, there is some distance to appreciate the high humidity and energy sapping sunshine. But in case you are going to the spot, the best time is at noon when you could capture shadows of above bars on the floor.

Ping Shek Estate

The dazzling apartment complex is one of perfect photography spots in Hong Kong. For the sake of overcrowding in the city, high rise buildings could be found here and there. And all Hong Kongers have already accustomed to such phenomena. Nevertheless, not all of them could be taken on in such a photogenic way. Taking MTR and exiting A2 will lead you into Ping Shek Estate. The location of the building is surrounded by others, and I turned left, right, right and left.

Choi Hung Estate

When you look through Hong Kong images, the colorful photo may catch your attention. Such a combination of the condo and basketball field is the darling of social media. If you are going to the place determinedly, I suggest than you should get there as early as possible, because the place gets busy in daytime and it’s hard to get a clean shot. It’s an interesting process to get shots through adjusting travel tripods, extension sticks, etc. You may also find folks who are laying on the ground to find a perfect angle. At that time, you may need to keep you clothes clean as much as possible; otherwise, you could also wear dirty clothes before setting on to get shots.